Welcome to Outdoor Society

Welcome to Outdoor Society. I created this site to express my love for photography and the outdoors. I really don’t know what I ultimately want this site to be. Is it a personal blog? Is it my personal photography journal? Is it a community for outdoor enthusiasts? I am not sure.

In the past I have tried to build the site to be focused towards bringing daily outdoor news to the general public. But I quickly became burned out with the daily posts. I think this time I won’t have a plan. I will just slowly over time post pictures, post news, make updates and just have fun. Let’s see what this site evolves into!

Anyways my name is Sean. I am a huge photography and nature nerd. Not your hippie, pot smoking, non meat eating nature guy. I am not your stereotypical nature nerd. I am a huge car junkie, a big football fan but on the other end, I find nothing more peaceful then a long hike. I love being disconnected from the hustle of society.OS

I currently reside in Chicago (I know, very little nature here). I am hoping that will change shortly. Anyways, feel free to contribute or just enjoy what I post!