U.P. Michigan – Pictured Rocks

Pictured Rocks

As we saw from the last post, Michigan is full of hidden gems. The U.P. is so far out of the way from any major city that it stays isolated and a secret from most. My trip up there was absolutely breath taking.

These beautiful cliffs shown below sit on Lake Superior (largest, deepest and coldest of the great lakes) in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. A must see for any nature enthusiast. They extended for 42 miles and are a US National Lakeshore (http://www.nps.gov/piro/index.htm). The U.S. Congress made Pictured Rocks the first officially designated National Lakeshore in the United States in 1966

These amazing cliffs are available to see year round, although winter time will require a lot more planning (be ready for snow and below freezing temperatures!).

These sandstone cliffs tower over 200 feet above Lake Superior and extended 15 miles of the 42 mile National Lakeshore. The amazing colors in the rocks are formed by mineral deposits.

There are many ways to see the cliffs including hiking, kayaking and boat tours. The pictures I took were from Pictured Rocks Cruises that allow you to see the entire shoreline in a 4 hour trip.