Trip Report: Mt. Rainier National Park – Paradise

Our favorite time of the year… fall. Cooler temperatures, less crowds on the trails, wildlife scurrying around preparing for the upcoming winter, and of course the magnificent falls colors. Once you look past the constant political talks and the overuse of pumpkin spice, it is clear that fall is the best seasodsc_0045n.

To celebrate the arrival of fall, the Outdoor Society crew finally took a trip up to Mount Rainier National Park. The park did not disappoint. We had fantastic views of Mt. Rainier. We saw bears, deer, chipmunks and marmots wandering around preparing for winter. And we saw fantastic contrasts of color showing the arrival of the fall season.

Unfortunately, only doing a day trip limited us in what we could see. We pulled into Paradise on the southern end of Mount Rainier National Park early in the morning. We set out and began hiking the Skyline Trail Loop. This trail is a 5-mile loop that offers well marked (and sometimes paved) trail. But don’t be fooled. 1,800 feet of elevation will make sure you work for this hike.

On our hike, we veered off of Skyline trail on a few occasions. We explored some of the side trails such as the one heading to Camp Muir. On the second half of the hike, we took the upper Skyline Trail back to our car. We were greeting to some many amazing views of not only Mount Rainier, but also the surrounding mountains. Add in the breathtaking fall colors and the bear sightings, and it was a perfect day.

We highly recommend making the trip to Mt. Rainier National Park. Keep an eye out for our trail details and review in the adventure section.