OS has Moved to Oregon!

Outdoor Society has moved to Oregon

I was raised in Maryland in the suburbs of DC. Rarely did I experience nature being in one of the worlds largest metropolitans. I moved to Southern Illinois for college and truly gained my passion for the outdoors there. Southern Illinois is beautiful and a gem of the midwest. If anyone thinks all of the midwest is flat, just google Garden of the Gods Illinois. Or better yet, wait for my blog post on So Ill! But Garden of the Gods, Giant City, Spill way, Shawnee National Forest… these are the areas that built my love for the outdoors.

But ever since my days in Southern Illinois, I dreamed of moving west and experiencing, the great Rockies or Cascades. Six years after graduating college, I can finally say one of my dreams have come true. I have moved west! I have moved to Portland, Oregon. I am ecstatic to be out here and the great adventures to come. I hope this move will bring my life and this website to the next level!

If you have any recommendations of places I must hike/visit, please comment below. So far I have done Multnomah Falls, Powell Butte, Rocky Butte, Pittock Mansion, Oregon coast from Cannon Beach up and Silver Falls. Those are the easily accessible site. I am ready to explore some of the less seen sites of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest!

Oregon is breathtaking. To prove it, watch this video posted (and produced) by Uncage the Soul Productions:

The Oregon Coast – A Winter Odyssey from Uncage the Soul Productions on Vimeo.