Deadly Grizzly Bear Attack

Kalispell, Montana. – Authorities in Montana are reporting that a Grizzly bear has attacked and killed a bicyclist. This occurred in Flathead National Forest, not far from Glacier National Park. Local sheriff department has told the Associated Press that the attack occurred a mile from the popular West Glacier KOA Campground.

As of the evening of June 29th, authorities had yet to locate the bear. People are encouraged to avoid the area for the time being.

Bear attacks in the area are extremely rare with only 10 attacks leading to death in the Glacier region since 1910. Anyone heading into grizzly country should carry bear mace and know how to properly behave when coming into contact with a grizzly.

  • Identify yourself. Make noise and talk to the bear.
  • Stay calm and remember that most bears do not want to attack you. Do not run. Hold your ground.
  • Pick up small children immediately.
  • Hike and travel in groups.
  • Make yourselves look as large as possible.
  • Do NOT allow the bear access to your food.
  • Do NOT drop your pack as it can provide protection for your back and prevent a bear from accessing your food.
  • If the bear is stationary, move away slowly and sideways.
  • Leave the area or take a detour. Always leave the bear an escape route.
  • Be especially cautious if you see a female with cubs; never place yourself between a mother and her cub, and never attempt to approach them. The chances of an attack escalate greatly if she perceives you as a danger to her cubs.

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The identity of the victim is not being released at this time pending family notifications. We will update this story when information becomes available.


*Featured photo via Yellowstone National Park – Flickr