Testing the CamelBak Rim Runner 22

Camelbak rim runner 22


Is there such thing as too many backpacks? If there was, I think my collection may fit into that category. Anyways, the majority of my bags are of larger capacity. They are designed for weekend trips, carrying camera gear or a full on hike of the PCT. So for many of the day hikes I do, I was needing a smaller hydration pack. I decided to give the Camelbak Rim Runner 22 a try.

Lets start off with this pack is fantastic. It is decently priced (under $100), comes with a 3-litter hydration reservoir, and has plenty of room for a day hikes essentials (20-liters of cargo room). It is also a very light pack coming in at 1.61 pound.

I have used this pack several times this year from bike riding into the city to a full 10 hour day hike in Sedona, Arizona. It is an extremely comfortable pack with a lot of adjustability for its size. It comes with a waist strap for extra support and is a very durable backpack. It uses a polyurethane coated nylon which does a great job providing water resistance and durability against tears.


Air Channels in rear

The small details on this pack are what really sets it apart from the rest. First, the air channels in the back of the pack. These are designed to provide airflow down your back and keep you cool. It worked wonders in Arizona!




Another great detail is the water reservoir hose clip. Many small packs I have owned in the past do not have this feature and it becomes fairly aggravating not having a way to secure the water reservoir hose. The small details go a long way.

There are two compartments in the CamelBak Rim Runner 22. The first has several smaller compartments that make it great to keep items organized such as utility knife, chapsticks, cell phone, etc. There is also plenty of room in the first pocket for medium sized items like lenses, spare shirt, first aid, etc. Then there is a larger second compartment. I have used this pocket for sweatshirts or my camera. It is also great for laptops if you were to use this bag as a carry on for flying.

Total weight: 1.61 lbs
Dimensions: 19.25″ x 12.625″ x 10.43″
Hydration capacity: 3L
Total capacity: 20L + 3L reservoir