Smith Rock State Park

Trail Name Distance Elevation Gain Difficulty
Rim Rock Trail 0.5 mile 92′ Easy
Chute Trail 500 feet 98′ Difficult
Canyon Trail 1.6 miles 244′ Moderate
Rope-de-Dope Trail 0.5 mile 191′ Moderate
Homestead Trail 1 mile 201′ Difficult
North Point Trail 0.5 mile 36′ Easy
River Trail 2.5 miles 315′ Easy
Mesa Verde Trail 0.6 mile 472′ Moderate
Summit Trail 2.5 miles 1106′ Moderate
Misery Ridge Trail 0.6 mile 722′ Difficult
Wolf Tree Trail 1 mile 87′ Easy
Burma Road Trail 1 mile 855′ Difficult

Trail Use: Hiking,Climbing, Biking
Congestion: Heavy on weekends. Empty during weekdays.
Hike Type: In and Out, Loop
Pass Required: State Park Permit ($5)
Season: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
Dogs Allowed: Yes
Family Friendly: Yes, most trails.

Notes: During the warmer months, pay attention for snakes. Rattlesnakes are not unusual.

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Smith Rock State Park, one of Oregon’s Seven Wonders and one of the most stunning state parks you will visit in the United States. This is an outdoor paradise. Hiking, rock climbing, slacklining, mountain biking, fishing, etc, etc. If there is an outdoor activity you enjoy doing, Smith Rock State Park will have it. And on top of being able to enjoy your favorite outdoor activity, you will be surrounded by stunning views and incredible wildlife.

Smith Rock State Park Guide


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