Lava Beds National Monument


Hiking Trails

Trail Name Distance Elevation Gain Difficulty
Bunchgrass Trail 1.0 miles Easy
Missing Link Trail 0.7 miles Easy
Heppe Cave Trail 0.4 miles Easy
Big Nasty Trail 2.0 miles Easy
Schonchin Butte Trail 0.7 miles 500 feet Easy
Symbol Bridge Trail 0.8 miles Easy
Thomas-Wright Battlefield Trail 0.3 miles Easy
Gillem Bluff Trail 0.7 miles 550 feet Easy
Captain Jacks Stronghold Trail 1.5 miles Easy
Petroglyph Point Trail 0.1 miles Easy
Three Sisters Trail 8.7 miles Difficult
Lyons Trail 9.4 miles Difficult
Whitney Butte Trail 6.6 miles Difficult

Caves to Explore

Caves Difficulty
Mushpot Easy
Sentinel Easy
Valentine Easy
Skull Easy
Merrill Easy
Heppe Easy
Big Painted Easy
Symbol Bridge Easy
Ovis Easy
Paradise Alley Easy
Golden Dome Moderate
Sunshine Moderate
Indian Well Moderate
Balcony & Boulevard Moderate
Blue Grotto Moderate
Labyrinth Difficult
Lava Brook Difficult
Hopkins Chocolate Difficult
Hercules Leg Difficult
Juniper Difficult
Catacombs Difficult
Thunderbolt Difficult

Trail Use: Hiking, Cave Exploring, Camping
Congestion: Moderate
Hike Type: In and outs
Pass Required: National Park Pass
Season: Year Round
Dogs Allowed: No
Family Friendly: Most of the Park is family friendly. Be careful with young children in the caves.

Notes: Lights can be rented from Park Ranger.

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Lava Beds National Monument which is located in Northern California has plenty of lava tubs to explore, hikes, and even petroglyphs from past Native American tribes. Make sure before exploring the lava tubs/caves, to stop by the ranger station.

A note from Lave Beds National Monument: “Since 2006, bats have been dying in unprecedented numbers in the United States and Canada from white-nose syndrome (WNS), a fatal condition associated with exposure to the fungus Pseudogymnoascus destructans. Although humans aren’t susceptible, they can potentially spread the fungus between caves, mines, and other bat roost sites. It is all of our responsibility to do what we can to prevent the spread of this devastating disease.

WNS Pass

Help Us Protect Our Bats!

Lava Beds National Monument has instituted a screening procedure to help prevent the spread of white-nose syndrome to its caves. If you are planning on entering any cave within Lava Beds National Monument, please stop by the visitor center and/or screening location, complete this simple screening and obtain a “White-Nose Syndrome Screening Pass.” Displaying this pass in your car window will show that you have been through the screening process and that you are helping protect the bats that live here.

If you have gear that has been used in caves or mines outside of Lava Beds National Monument, please leave these items at home. If you cannot leave this gear at home, please have a ranger decontaminate it properly.”                                                -Lava Beds National Monument




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Lava Beds National Monument 41.713889, -121.508333 (Directions)



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