A New Mission

Outdoor Society has taken many forms since I first purchased the domains in September 2011. I was 25 years old and had dreams of turning my passion of photography and the outdoors into a community that inspired others. However, things have not always gone as planned.

Since this sites creation, it has taken many forms from being a trail hiking review site, a gear review site, a news site and at times, an empty domain with no site. 

It has been clear the last few years that, though I had the determination, I lacked the expertise to turn this site into what I have always dreamed it to be. As a result, I came close to selling the site last year.

We Will Not Be Silent

One thing is clear. I cannot stay silent. I look around and see the destruction humans are causing to the natural world. You see forests being cut down in record levels. Oceans warming causing mass coral die off. And a sixth mass extinction is occurring. It is devastating and heartbreaking. And I, like many of you, are not willing to stay silent. We want to fight for those that cannot speak.

A fox in Yellowstone National Park
A fox in Yellowstone National Park

The New Direction

Outdoor Society will be growing. With the goal of using this organization for conservation and spreading awareness, we will be transitioning to a conservation news organization. Awareness needs to be brought to the issues wreaking havoc on the Environment. With this platform we hope to keep people informed of the issues and needs while also highlighting the fantastic conservation groups doing work like The Nature Conservancy, Wolf Conservation Center, and Turtle Survival Alliance.

In the coming months:

  • We will be hiring. Roles that need to be filled are web developer, social media manager, writers and photographers/videographers.
  • We plan to have a heavy focus on the impact here at home. We believe focusing on the impact in our own backyard will have a larger impact.
  • Expect a larger social media presence and tips on how you can get involved with local conservation.