Species Found! Minature Fanged Deer

An incredible rediscovery of a species not seen since 1990 called a silver-backed chevrotain has occured in Vietnam.

The silver-backed chevrotain is a deer-like species that is the size of a rabbit. Unfortunately due to poaching in this region on Vietnam, this species had not been seen in over 25 years. It was listed on the Global Wildlife Foundations list of lost species: https://www.globalwildlife.org/search-for-lost-species/.

Chevrotains or mouse-deer, are the smallest hooved mammals in the world. There are 10 species of Chevrotains that are found in forests in South and Southeast Asia, with a single species in Central and West Africa. The Asian species weigh between 1.5 and 17.6 lb. The African species is larger at 15–35 lbs.

Southern Institute of Ecology/Global Wildlife Conservation/Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research/NCNP