Green Energy

Green energy is the key for a sustainable future and to reduce our reliability on fossil fuels. The emergence of Microgrids, a localized group of electricity sources, gives hope to a bright and clean future.

Green energy

Solar The use of photovoltaics to convert sunlight into electricity. 

Wind Turbines Conversion of wind's kinetic energy into electricity.

Hydro Harnessing energy from fast-running water to produce electricity.

Geothermal The use of Earths internal heating for heat and electricity generation.

Renewables accounted for 26% of electricity production in 2018. 

Land Conservation

Each year more and more land is lost to development. This reduces vital environment needed to protect nature. 

How we protect land

Purchase and Agreements We protect environments through land acquisitions and agreements.

Local Governments and Communities We work with local communities to protect lands for nature.

Restoration  We work to restore previously developed land to its natural state bringing back native plants and wildlife.


Climate Change

Extreme weather, droughts, flooding, natural disasters, large die offs... climate change is happening now. We must act. 

We must act

Research  We promote and sponser reasearch to understand the impacts of a changing climate, what is driving it and how to counter its impact.

Policy We work with local and national lawmakers to create policy and goals. This is used to promote clean energy, land conservation and resiliency.

Education  In order to have public support and an effective response, there needs to be accurate and up to date education available. We aim to provide free education and studies.

Action Local Outdoor Society members work in their communties to counter climate change. Planting trees and native plants, community gardens, renewable energy, 


The worlds population continues to grow. We need to continue to evaluate ways to create sustainability for our food, water and other natural resources.

manage natural resources

Sustainable Agriculture We work with farmers to implement practices that create sustainable soil health and water use.

Sustainable Fishing Over fishing leads to the drastic decline of species health. We research ways to manage fish stocks to allow species to recover.

Deforestation We continue to lose rainforest due to deforestation. We aim to protect forests while still meeting growing food demands.

Water Resources As populations grow and climate change increases droughts, managing water resources will be a priority for future governments.